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battery charger
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battery charger
Name: 【Battery Charger】
Brand: Jia Yuanxing
Services: electronics; digital appliances
Main Sales Area: Global; National; Beijing; Zhejiang; Guangdong; Tianjin; Anhui; Shanghai; Shandong; Jiangsu; Shaanxi; Fujian
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Product details

Battery Charger Details
Customization: No
Brand: Jia Yuanxing
Battery Charger Model: JYX-5W-C
Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
Input parameters: 100-240V AC
Battery Charger output parameters: 5V
Charging current: 1.0 (A)
Battery Charger Dimensions: 59.2 * 25.8 * 42 (mm)
Product Certification: SAA, BS, CE, UL, CCC

Battery charger technical parameters
Battery Charger Charging Control Method
In order to prevent the battery overcharge, you need to control the end of the charge, when the battery is full, there will be some special information available to determine whether the charge to the end. There are six ways to prevent the battery from overcharging:
1. Peak voltage control: by detecting the peak voltage of the battery to determine the end of the charge;
2. dT / dt control: by detecting the peak temperature of the battery rate of change to determine the end of the charge;
3. T control: the battery is fully charged when the temperature and ambient temperature difference will reach the maximum;
4. -V control: When the battery is fully charged to reach a peak voltage, the voltage will drop a certain value
5. Timing control: by setting a certain charging time to control the charging end, the general set to fill the 130% of the required capacity to control the time;
6. TCO control: consider the safety and characteristics of the battery should be avoided high temperature (except high-temperature battery) charge, so when the battery temperature to 60OC should stop charging.

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