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Power adapter - no charge will always be inserted power consumption?


Is the power adapter not charging for power? I believe that for this problem, the vast majority of people have encountered. We often will be in order to facilitate the charger has been inserted in the socket, then this will not have been power it?
    In fact, we are now a lot of people are charging a charge for several hours, often filled all night, so that produced a situation, equipment and batteries, coupled with the charger itself, because a long time charging and fever, Long heat, for some poor quality of the battery, it is easy to shorten its life, serious also prone to explosion and other security risks, although the probability is small, but you can not guarantee that will never happen. And the charger does not charge the plug will consume power, although the charger is not connected to the phone, but the charger inside the circuit board is through the electricity, is still in working condition, it will continue to consume electricity.
    So, we suggest that when the electricity is still full, it is best to pull the charger down, making the whole circuit off, when the need to re-charge, again plug up. This will help extend the battery life of the battery and the charger, but also conducive to equipment and power lines safe. Or you can put the socket on a button switch off, so save the charger will be pulled out and then plug in the effort, is also a good choice.

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Telephone:0755-27953637 / 29642873
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