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Power adapter preferred Shenzhen Jia Yuanxing Electronics!


Power adapter, which is commonly known as the charger, but not exactly the same as the charger, the power adapter is a small electronic equipment and electronic appliances power supply conversion equipment, its working principle is converted from AC input to DC output, by the Shell, transformers, inductors, capacitors, control IC, PCB board and other components.
   Shenzhen Jia Yuen Hing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of battery chargers, power adapter, switching power supply, low-frequency transformers and other electronic products development and production and sales of the manufacturer, the company has advanced processing equipment and strong technical force. The company's products comply with UL / CUL, FCC (USA, Canada), GS / CE (Germany / Europe), PSE (Japan), CCC (China), SAA / C-TICK (Australia), EK / KC (Korea) , PSB (Singapore) and other countries of the safety requirements.
   The company strictly in accordance with GB / T19001-2008idt IS09001: 2008 management, all products are strictly controlled production and testing, the company within 70W power adapter and battery charger are adopted and obtained multi-national certification, and the United States UL1310, the German Rhine TUV -GS, Japan JPE-PSE, Korea KTL-KC, China CQC-CCC, Singapore PSB, British BS, Australia SAA, C-TICK and the European Union CE, CB-EN60950, EN61558-2-18 certification, product materials and production The process has been implemented in Europe and the United States ROHSREACH standards. The company will also follow the "ground-based, standard governance industry" business philosophy and dedication to provide our clients with high quality, reasonable price, timely delivery of products. The company's high-quality services will also give our customers better, higher economic efficiency.

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Telephone:0755-27953637 / 29642873
Contact person: Yu Dexing 13602549403
Address: 6th floor, building B1, Nanchang Huafeng century science and Technology Industrial Park, Hangcheng Avenue, Xixiang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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