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8.4V1A battery charger Note that these make your battery life doubled!


Many people must have encountered such a problem, when the battery is good to say how long it can be used, but we actually use it is often a lot worse from the target, which is why? In fact, very simple, this is because we charge the wrong way! Here let Xiaobian with everyone to see in the end how to correctly use the charger it!
    First of all, we have to know the charger is best to be dedicated, do not arbitrarily replace the charger. Because different models are equipped with the basic parameters of the charger are not the same, do not grasp the time do not arbitrarily replace the charger. If you have to charge more, then the best professional staff with a dedicated charger.
    Second, to protect the charger, to avoid a strong bumps. Because the charger in the design of the time, and not used as a car charger design, so the charger is basically not strong resistance to vibration, so the charger is generally not on the trunk and car basket. Special circumstances, must be moved, but also the charger with a soft cloth packaging to prevent the occurrence of vibration and bumps. Many of the chargers after the vibration, the internal potentiometer will be slightly moving, but it will make the whole parameter changes, resulting in abnormal state of charge. It is also important to note that when the charging is to keep the charger ventilated, it will not only affect the service life of the charger, but also may cause thermal drift and affect the charging state, which will cause serious damage to the battery.

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